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I am slowly moving some of my books away from Kindle Unlimited, taking them wide instead. So, if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, get Trapped in Yesterday for free while it is still available there.

Trip is a man who loves to have sex without ever putting his heart on the line for any of the women.

Until he becomes Rachel's birthday gift.

But she has a pet ghost who isn't going to allow another man into her life.  

Who will turn out the most determined to have their own way, the sexpert or the ghost?
Cover - Trapped in Yesterday: a bewildering ghostly tale
A bewildering ghostly tale

Another that will be disappearing from Kindle Unlimited soon

Book Cover- Finders Keepers - An Almost Gothic Love Affair

The plan with taking some of my books wide is to make it more readily available to all. Not everyone subscribes to Kindle Unlimited.

So, if you are into Gothic romance with a few differences, download Finders Keepers while you still can. 

In a time when women were part of the furniture, a young girl is sent off to marry a stranger with no regard for her safety. But what she finds when she reaches her future home is enough to curdle her blood. 

A house on a cliff, strange things happening in the night, a man behind a mask…

FREE Set of 2 books!

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Of course I don't expect you to do it for nothing! 

You will get both books in the JJ series for FREE in exchange for a review on launch day. 

The only requirements is that you are a fan of vampires, and that you wait a while for me to finish book 2 - I'm nearly there. My projected timeline for book 1, The Vampire's Pantry, is August 2022 (subject to change) and for The Vampire's Girl, book 2, October 2022. 

BTW, this is not the cover image for The Vampire's Pantry - I couldn't figure out how to add a sparkle to the eye under his hand. Hahaha.
A vampire, but not mine
Handsome young man in a hood

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