Arranged Marriages

Did you know: arranged marriages account for an estimated 50% of all marriages around the world. That is a staggering number. What is the reason for arranging marriages instead of allowing people to fall in love first? 

And who does the arranging of these marriages?

Normally the family arranges the marriage, as the parent are wiser and more experienced in what qualities/benefit a marriage needs. So they choose, but the bride and groom have the option to refuse. 

Moreover, most arranged marriages are happy, believe it or not.  Statistics – I adore stats! – prove this. Only around 6% of arranged marriages end in divorce. By comparison, more than 40% of marriages for love, fail.

But what about Love in Arranged Marriages?

It has been proven that real deep, lasting love can and does develop in arranged marriages, and because the participants are chosen for the specific qualities and benefits they bring to the union, it stands to reason that the bond would be even more enduring. 

Although Holly and Joshua entered into an arrangement themselves, it was no less an arranged marriage. They each brought something into the marriage of benefit to the other. But they didn’t know each other beforehand. They chose to meet for the first time on the day of the wedding. This isn’t so unusual in arranged marriages, although most participants choose to meet each other first.

But they faced additional challenges – the family did not immediately accept and acknowledge the marriage. It didn’t help that Holly and Joshua kept their intentions secret until it was done. A ghost also objected and made her displeasure, aimed at Holly, known. 

And then, of course, there was the disgruntled fiancée, who had every right to her anger and hurt. 

Neither Holly nor Joshua could have foreseen the far-reaching effect their arranged marriage would have, not only on themselves, but also on Nicole, the object Joshua brought into the arrangement. 

A tale of desperation leads to wishful thinking, ending with a clashing of wills.

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