Trapped In Yesterday

A Bewildering Ghostly Tale

“PHENOMINAL!! This book is well written, well plotted and unique in its story.”
5* Amazon Review 

Cover - Trapped In Yesterday

How do you escape a jealous ghost?

Lawrence can’t find peace in death. He hangs around the house he lived in with his wife, trapping Rachel in yesterday -the past. Rachel doesn’t even realize she’s stuck until her friend arranges an unusual 30th birthday gift for her – a night with a professional seduction artist.

Trip is hotter than hot, happy with his life, and what he does for a living. He is intrigued, because his services have never been given as a birthday gift before. He doesn’t believe that she only wants to talk about his profession. In his experience, no woman can resist him for long. He figures Rachel is no exception. But Rachel wants someone of her own to love, someone to chase the loneliness out of her life. She does NOT want to be part of Trip’s ‘harem’. 

Although Trip doesn’t understand the concept of monogamy, no ghost is going to keep him from a woman he wants. He doubles down on his efforts to woo the one woman who seems immune to his craft.

However, it quickly becomes clear that Lawrence isn’t willing to share Rachel. He’d rather see her dead.

Wow, Just wow! I was enthralled with the plot. This book is a mind blowing read.”
Amazon Review

From The Author

This book was at first called Interview With A Seducer, but readers found it confusing. Also, the cover image didn’t scream paranormal. My readers opinion matter to me, very much, and I consider every comment. So, after thinking hard about how the book looks and what the reader see, sexy beast that he is, I fired him:

Interview With A Seducer

Same book, same story, and everything else still apply. You might find the background information into the world of the seduction trade interesting. Just follow this link.

The next thing was the cover image. Searching long and hard, I found this one I thought was perfect. She looks backward over her shoulder, as Rachel was looking backward into the past instead of forward to the future. And she was instantly hired. What do you think?

Cover - Trapped In Yesterday

Read a few chapters here:

Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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