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Maggie Tideswell

International Bestselling Author of Spooky Paranormal Romance Author.

As a paranormal romance author, Maggie has a passion for love. Everywhere one looks, people are holding hands, kissing and hugging, making the depth of feelings between them clear. After all, it is love, not money, that makes the world go round.


Majoring in psychology at varsity laid the foundation for her interest in what attracts people to one another, and what keeps them together when there are so many ‘good fit’ combination for every person. (There being only one true love for each person is a myth.)

But, there are many types of love. There is for instance the love between siblings and between parents and offspring, the love between friends – and Maggie is not a proponent of platonic friendships between men and women! And then of course there is the love/lust relationship between a man and a woman, which is where her real interes lies.


As a spooky paranormal romance author, Maggie has a deep interest in ghosts, yet she is most unlikely to ever see a ghost. The reason is simple – she is trying too hard. She has experienced their presence, though. Her interest centers around the reasons why some souls can’t find peace in death.

It is said that a person dying a violent death often lingers where they used to live, or unfinished business might keep them from crossing over. Maybe even not wanting to leave a loved one behind could keep them here. These ghosts are called residual because they occupy a space familiar to them. They don’t interact with the living, but are more like a recording, playing a past even over and over again. They don’t seem to be aware of being observed.

Then of course, there are poltergeists – which literally means ‘noisy ghosts’ – who are attached to people rather than a place or an area. These guys slam doors and switch lights on and off, hence the name ‘noisy’ ghosts. And as we all know, the film industry has had a field day with poltergeists.

Most of the ghosts in the Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons series are residual, but Moragh and Roxanne are both poltergeists, with Roxanne bordering on being an evil spirit.

Combination of Love and Ghosts

Once Maggie started writing a story that was meant to be a straight forward romance, but before she knew, it there was a ghost on the page. He just wouldn’t go away. The only thing to do, was to give the pest a job. Ghosts are after all impressions of the people they once were.

Although ghosts and the living are never allowed to have a romantic love relationship – the romance is always between living, breathing people in Maggie’s books – the ghosts have personalities of their own, just like they did when alive.

Now Maggie combines things that can’t be explained with sweaty bodies and rumpled beds and lets the ghosts do their thing. to make your toes curl and your hair stand on end.


The Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons series will ultimately consist of 5 books – the first three are available now, namely Runaway Couple, He’s Married and You’re Wrong. The series starts with the history between the bridesmaid and best man at a wedding. In book 2, the bride discovers the groom’s seemingly unsurmountable secret. And in book 3 assumptions and the reluctance with which people let go of them is explored. The story of the ghosts haunting the hotel builds through the books until in book 5 their full story is revealed.

In book 1 of The Moragh Saga, A Convenient Marriage, the ghost wants her story told, but she isn’t happy when two strangers meet on their wedding day. It wasn’t meant to be a real wedding, merely a convenience until their agendas are met. In book 2, Poppet Nicole, a jilted fiancée wants revenge, but her expectations are a little unrealistic. And in book 3, The Parson’s Daughter, she finds, with difficulty, the life she was meant to live. The Parson’s Daughter will be out in 2021.

Roxanne’s Ghost is a duology spanning four days. It is a time error story of unexpected love, deceit, witchcraft, and the love of identical twin sisters for the same man. In book 1, Find My Love, a prospective nanny for a four-year-old child, arrives on the scene for her interview. It is Friday the 13th. Ben, the child’s father is not pleased when his sister-in-law – and his late wife’s twin sister arrives unexpectedly. Immediately strange things start happening. The story draws to a dramatic end in book 2, Worthy To Love.

The latest release is slightly different as Maggie explores an alternative level of the romance genre. Finders Keepers is almost Gothic, as the setting deviated from the normal for this genre. A young woman is sent off into the unknown to marry a man she hadn’t seen since she was but a child. What she finds when she reaches her destination is enough to make the blood run cold.

Mundane Stuff

Maggie loves perfume, and is very rarely without. She loves her tea by day and Autumn Harvest Crackling by night. And for the sake of world peace, don’t tamper with her soapies’ recordings, or with the internet connection. Being married to a chef, she became a great home cook. The result is that she is nearly as passionate about food as she is about creating alpha heroes every woman will fall in love with, just as she does, every time.

The strangest thing is that cats have never played any kind of role in her stories, as she is owned by two of them. That changes in Finders Keepers, when a smart-ass furly tries to rule the roost.

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