The History Of A Ghost

The Moragh's Ghost trilogy has a history. When I started writing the story, way back in the 2000s, I called it An Absolute Bargain. I loved the idea of strangers actually marrying each other.

Then, in 2013 it was published by All Things That Matter press under the title Moragh, Holly's Ghost. (The cover on the left - if you look closely, you will see a pentacle embossed on the bride's ring. I loved that cover). 

When the rights reverted back to me, I revised it, had it edited again and changed both the cover and the title - I seem to like doing that sort of thing - and it became A Convenient Marriage (the cover on the right). 
In the process, I realized that the story wasn't finished, that I couldn't stop there without giving Nicole, the wronged fiancee, a voice. I mean, being introduced to her intended's wife had to have been earth-shattering for her.  

And the ghosts - yes, more than one - just couldn't leave her alone. 

So, I wrote Poppet Nicole and published it with this cover - not a successful cover. It was too busy, and you can barely see her baby bump
But history develops, because still the story couldn't end, not before Nicole found her place in the sun and the ghost her peace. So, the Moragh's Ghost trilogy was born. I republished books 1 and 2 under the titles Haunted Bride and Payback and added book 3, Poppet Nicole. 

Now the story is finished, the history complete.

I am happy and very proud of the Moragh's Ghost trilogy. And here they are, the full set. 

Nicole had a hard time and I hope you enjoy her journey. Not only was she thrown by Joshua’s marriage to a woman who wasn’t her in Haunted Bride, but the same ghost, Moragh, who demanded Holly told her story, haunted Nicole and tried to kill her in her nightmares. 

When she discovers that she is pregnant, she hit rock bottom, but it gets worse when her parents die mysteriously on the same day. She is in an unenviable position – a pregnant, homeless orphan.

Which girl wouldn’t try to remedy the situation?

In the process, she alienates just about everyone around her. Her baby daddy gave her an ultimatum – she had one month in which to make him love her again.

The Moragh’s Ghost trilogy is a bumpy ride. How will it all end for Nicole?

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I loved writing it. Your opinion matters to me, a lot. Please drop me a line or leave a review.

Download book 1, Haunted Bride – it is FREE. And just for you, I dropped the price for Payback and Poppet Nicole for a limited time as well.

Happy goosebumps!

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