Cape Town, A Unique Setting For Paranormal Romance

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Another Unique Setting!

Banner for Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town – Courtecy Pixabay
This time, for my Roxanne's Ghost duology. Nestled below the world famous Table Mountain, Cape Town has a colorful history. Since long before the Europeans arrived, the area had been inhabited by the Khoi or Bushman. Bartolomeu Dias was the first European to see Table Bay in the late 1400s, but it was Jan van Riebeeck who set up a supply station here for ships on their way from Europe to India in 1652.

Slaves from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia were brought to the Cape to work on the farms that supplied the fruit and vegetables to passing ships. British settlers came during the English occupation and French Huguenots trying to escape the horrors of persecution soon followed. Dutch orphan girls were brought to the Cape to marry the farmers in an attempt by the Dutch East Indian Company to limit mixing with the indigenous people. 

All of this created a rather diverse population. And interbreeding did happen, resulting in a large part of the South African population, 45% to be exact, being of mixed race, namely the Cape Coloreds. 

They have their own culture and traditions, even their own cookery and food, and are proud to be called Colored. They mostly follow the Christian beliefs, with a small Muslim element. 

One of the first things the Apartheid government did, was to make interracial marriages illegal. You could actually go to jail for loving across the color divide.

In my Roxanne's Ghost duology, both Jamin, or Benjamin Meintjies, and his sister Marigold were Cape Coloreds. It was therefore highly unlikely for a Colored man to be involved with a white woman in the 1960s. (The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act was only repealed in 1985.) They defied the law to be together.

That just goes to show you - love conquers all. 
But, race classification is only that, and it definitely doesn't matter anymore. It didn't interfere with the story of identical twin sisters loving the same man, and the unmarried sister's plans for her sister's widowed husband.  

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