Painting Pictures With Words

The Winelands of the Eastern Cape, South Africa
This photo was taken in the Franshoek region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, courtesy Tripadvisor  
How much description is necessary to paint a picture of the setting in your mind while reading a book? The Winelands of the eastern Cape in unbelievably beautiful, with majestic mountains as backdrop to lush green vineyards, rolling away, but would you like pages of description?  

(How are some people so fortunate to live in such beautiful places?)

The wine farms were established almost as soon as the Cape was settled by the Dutch in 1652. Their mission was to provide fresh food to Dutch East India ships passing around the Cape. Farms producing all sorts of crop sprang up, including grapes. The soil is rich and  the climate ideal, and wine farms started dotting the countryside. The first wine was produced in the Cape as early as 1659.

The French Huguenots came and added their skill, the British settlers added their bit, and today the Winelands region is spread over a large portion of the Eastern Cape, as you can see on the map below.
Map of the Winelands, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Map of the Winelands, courtesy Google Maps
So, to come back to the question, when you look at the top photo, how much description would you like the author to include to describe the scene to you? Does description pull you out of the story, or should it blend seamlessly into the tale in a sentence or two? 

This is of course the setting for my Moragh's Ghost trilogy. Joshua Jordan owns a vast wine estate. He is supposed to marry the heiress of the neighboring wine estate, which will double his landholding. But Nicole, spoilt brat that she is, doddles so long over setting a wedding date, he decides she needs to be taught a lesson. 

He marries a woman he has never met before on a whim. His reasoning is that, as soon as he is off limits to Nicole, marriage to him will be a very attractive prospect - she always wants what she can't have. And as his marriage to Holly will be in name only, his problem will be solved. 

But when he actually meets the woman on the steps of the chapel where they are to be married, he knows his life is never going to be the same again. 

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