So, what about the setting?

How important is setting to you? How much, in your opinion, does setting impact a story? I mean, can you take a tale set in Europe and transplant it to Antarctica and get the same effect?   

Of course not. 

The setting is about more than the clothes the characters wear; it is more than a mere backdrop for events. I mean, in Texas we have cowboys and in Australia there are rugged farmers. In the Cape region of South Africa, we have vintners who love their wine. So, when you check the setting of a book, you know what type of hero/heroine you are going to get.   

So, my question is this: when choosing a book by a new author, does the setting matter to you? Are you comfortable reading a book set in an exotic, outside-of-your-stomping-ground place? I'd really love to hear your take on where the story takes place. Please drop me a line here.  

My series Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons is set in a haunted lodge in the mountainous region of the Winelands of the Cape, although it moves briefly to the Maldives in book 2.  

The lodge itself is fictitious. Calling a hotel haunted might have repercussions: people might either flock to it in the hope of seeing a ghost or two, or they may avoid it in case they saw a ghost or two. As an author, one has to be careful about these things. I didn't feel like being sued in the case of option 2.

The Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons series will eventually consist of 5 books. Unlike some of my other books, in this series the ghosts came first, before I even realized that they were the ghosts.  

It started as a one-book experiment, a bit more steamy than what I normally write, and it was intended to appeal to everyone. Then I liked the ghosts so much, it couldn't possibly end with Runaway Couple. 

He's Married followed, and I just couldn't resist You're Wrong. Then I got a little bit distracted with publishing other books, but Hands Off has been smoldering in my head all this time. I hope to have that one ready for you before the end of the year. It is going to be the spookiest in the series so far.  

Book 5, Not Mine, will reveal the full story of what the ghosts are all about.   

All three books are still available in Kindle Unlimited, but not for long.

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