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Book Cover- Finders Keepers

An Almost Gothic Love Affair – What is better that a creepy Gothic tale laced with romance? The classical Gothic novels we have all heard of – Dracula, The mysteries of Udolpho, Rebecca, Frankenstein, and many more – all have a few elements in common. 

They are mostly set in a remote castle in Eastern Europe, there is a secret, a curse, and a damsel in distress at the mercy of a dark, unethical lord of the manor, etc.. There often are vampires in the mix.

I love Gothic Romance.

So, I wanted to write one of my own, but I wanted to set it in South Africa, which already sets it apart from the classics. I manufactured a remote house on a cliff, complete with secret tunnels and secret stairways, and filled it with ghosts. There is even a ghost horse, and not for the reasons you might think.

The damsel in distress comes in the form of a young woman sent off into the unknown to marry a stranger. She arrives at Ghost Horse Farm where she meets her fiance, an unprincipled – or so it seems – rake.

So, all in all, Finders Keepers shares some Gothic elements and not others. For instance, they eat what is available on a remote farm in the Cape Colony in the 1800s, even if it wasn’t on the table in Eastern Europe or elsewhere at the time.

I had such fun writing Finders Keepers that I intend to write – I already have a small pile of notes! – a second and possibly a 3rd book in a series. I hope you will enjoy my story, keeping in mind that it is ‘almost’ Gothic. 

Without further ado, here is Finders Keepers.

Happy Goosebumps! 

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Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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