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Remember that pesky vampire I mentioned before? Well, I am happy - and very nervous - to announce that he is about to be launched into the world. It is paranormal vampire romance (naturally) set in Cape Town, South Africa. This vampire - his name is Zanephyn Heardt - is trying to cure himself of the  malady of being a vampire, but his plans go awry when his virgin 'cure' accidentally comes across a stranger.
There is also a witch and an irritating slayer in the mix to put a spoke in his wheel.
And you didn't think I was going to let you get away without ghosts, did you?

Soon I will start talking to the reviewers. 

Would you like to read book 1 in the JJ duology, A Vampire's Pantry before anyone else, for free? Go here to join the Club. Just read the book and tell everyone what you think on launch day.

ARC Readers Club. 

I will only contact you when I have something to say about that vampire.

You know how important reviews are to authors, and this author is particularly interested in your opinion.   

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Spooky Forest


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