Image - Trip Murgatroyd

This is Trip Murgatroyd, just as I saw him in my head while writing his story. Blond, well-built, beautiful. That was why I wanted him on the cover for Interview With A Seducer. 

He came surfing on the back of Christian Gray, but unlike Christian, Trip wasn’t screwed up by his childhood. He was wholesome, a good South African man with an unusual career.

Early reviewers said he detracted from the paranormal theme, and they didn’t like the title ‘Interview With A Seducer’ either. 

I don’t know about other authors, but I listen to my readers – that is why I say your opinion is so important to me. I had a good look at the photo, and I reluctantly agreed – he had to go. And the title, well, although it described exactly what the book is about, it didn’t scream ghostly paranormal romance

I was in love with Trip Murgatroyd before I even started writing the book. And no, fortunately or unfortunately, I have never personally made use of this kind of service, and you won’t hear judgement from me. 

To each his or her own, and whatever blows your skirt up, or floats your boat, or makes you happy. 

Trip was just my kind of guy. Comfortable in his own skin, he liked what he did for a living. Lusty, I think, is the word to describe him. But there is more to him than just carnal knowledge of how to please a woman. And I wanted everyone to love him just as much as I did. 

So, changes needed to be made. He only lived only in my head until I published him. 

Now he belongs to you – a gift from me to you. 

Because I listen to you, my reader, I had to take drastic action – we all know that a book is indeed judged by its cover, and the last thing I wanted to do, was to mislead you. 


Cover - Trapped in Yesterday: a bewildering ghostly tale
So, this is what it looks like now. The title became Trapped In Yesterday, mainly because of the ghost Lawrence. As we all know, ghosts are similar in death as they were in life, and Lawrence wasn’t exactly a nice man when he was alive. 
Lawrence had many secrets, and even after he died, he didn’t want his wife Rachel to find out the truth about him. She didn’t even realize he kept her a prisoner to the past, so that he could continue keeping her ignorant.
And he most certainly did not want Rachel to move on and get involved with another man, unless it was with the one he had chosen for her.  
This book is not for the faint-of-heart. And I have to say it again, because of the trope, it is steamy, but it is not erotica.   
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