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Santa’s Christmas Wish

A Tall Fantasy Tale

There are sooo many Christmas stories at this time of the year, I absolutely had to try one of my own. But mine couldn't be just a feel-good season's greeting and goodwill kind of story - it had to be seriously different while still remaining feel-good. I wanted the reader to feel Santa's frustration - you know, the hand to forehead, elbow on the knee kind of scenario. 

I actually started writing Santa's Christmas Wish back in 2015, just before going to Mozambique for Christmas with the family on the beach. At the time, I didn't know it was going to be Santa's Christmas Wish - the title was Silent Night then. I also was NOT happy with it. So, it gathered dust for a year and worked on it some more the following year. But still it didn't want to be what I wanted it to be, and so it carried on.

Then, a couple of months ago, I dusted it off and put my foot down - this year was it! And strangely enough, it all fell into place and is finally ready - a little bit weird, definitely not ordinary, even a little bit confusing at times, if you let it be.

So, Santa Claus is finally coming to town on 23 December 2022!

Now for a few nuts & bolts.

Santa's love life is a mess - and he has one last chance to get it right. He needs a Christmas wish of his own, but there is only one person who can grant it, and she is one stubborn gal.

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Who says Santa can't have a Christmas wish of his own?

A girl asks Santa for a man for Christmas. When prompted, he admit's that he has a Christmas wish of his own - a baby.
Coincidence? Not a chance!

Audra doesn't know she has a history with this particular Santa of the Sleigh. His name is Ross Shepard and Santa is his job title. Their association comes from way back, from a time when mists and snow covered most of the world. Winter, when the snow was deeper and food scarce, was a miserable time of the year for everyone.

In a snowy valley, Ross and his brother devised a magickal contraption they called a sleigh. Santa's job was to deliver a little Yuletide cheer to everyone on the night before the Yule log cracks. But before Ross could take the job as Santa, he had to find the right woman to support his new venture and share eternity with him. That year, before the maiden voyage in the sleigh and before the Yule log cracked, Ross' wife had to be in the family way.

Audra agreed to marry him and to become part of the Santa project, but she absolutely refused to become immortal. She was put in charge of the exact form the cheer would take. In the midst of the excitement to get the Project Santa off the snow, Audra and Ross knew they were having a baby.

Tragedy struck when Audra died in childbirth, her baby with her. Ross searched for her through the ages, always with the same result - they fell in love, married, and then Audra died giving birth.

Now, in the present, Ross has one last chance to convince Audra to be with him forever, immune to death.

Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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