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Cover Reveal – Santa’s Christmas Wish

Who says Santa can't have a Christmas wish of his own?
Santa's love life is a mess - and he has one last chance to get it right.

A girl asks Santa for a man for Christmas. When prompted, he admit's that he also has a Christmas wish - he wanted a baby.
Coincidence? Not a chance!

Audra doesn't know she has a history with this particular Santa of the Sleigh. His name is Ross Shepard and Santa is his job title. Their association comes from way back, from a time when mists and snow covers most of the world. Winter, when the snow is deeper and food is scarce, is a miserable time of the year for everyone.

In a snowy valley, Ross and his brother devise a magickal contraption they call a sleigh. Santa's job will be to deliver a little Yuletide cheer to everyone on the night before the Yule log cracks. But before Ross can take the job as Santa, he has to find the right woman to support his new venture and share eternity with him. That year, before the maiden voyage in the sleigh and before the Yule log cracks, Ross' wife has to be in the family way.

Audra agrees to marry him and to become part of Project Santa, but she absolutely refuses to become immortal. She is in charge of the exact form the cheer will take. In the midst of the excitement to get Project Santa off the snow, Audra and Ross know they are having a baby.

Tragedy strikes when Audra miscarries the baby and dies. Ross searches for her through the ages, always with the same result - they fall in love, marry, and Audra dies having a baby.

Now, in the present, Ross has one last chance to convince Audra to be with him forever, immune to death.
Cover Reveal - Santa's Christmas Wish
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