A View Across A Bay

Banner - Cape Town from Bloubergstrand
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Bloubergstrand is a seaside suburb of the City of Cape Town, South Africa, 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) due north of the city center. Literally, Bloubergstrand means Blue Mountain Beach. The view across the bay is absolutely stunning. Looking at Table Mountain from this angle, on the left is Devil's Peak, then Table Mountain proper - the top cable car station is on the very right, then Kloof Neck. Next is Lion's Head and in front of that, sloping toward the harbor, is Signal Hill, from where to this day a canon shot marks the midday hour.  

The hotel we will be staying at for the first week of our holiday is on the city bowl side of Signal Hill, and Lyle Templeton's house, the lawyer in the vampire duology, JJ, on the other side of Signal Hill closest to the ocean. 

In JJ, Bloubergstrand features prominently as the place where important stuff takes place. A spell cast in a clearing close to the beach in Bloubergstrand that irrevocably changes Sophia's life. But Jared also has his bachelor pad in Bloubergstrand. 

In Trapped In Yesterday, Bloubergstrand is where Trip's mother, Barbara Murgatroyd, lives and where Trip takes Rachel to escape, Lawrence, the jealous ghost of her late husband.  

As you might recall, Rachel is given an unusual 30th birthday gift - a night with a professional seducer. The ghost of her late husband, who had been hanging around the house with her, did not like this one little bit.  
Cover - Trapped In Yesterday
About Trapped In Yesterday...

As you see, I changed back to the original cover. I don't know why I do this to myself - and I am never going to do it again - to change the cover of a book. It is such a mission to make sure it is changed everywhere. Should you come across Trapped In Yesterday where the scrapped new cover is still displayed, please will you let me know?

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