The ‘Sex Worker’ Literary Trope

The sex worker trope is a popular one
in the romance genre, but like with all tropes, there are rules.

Faithfulness is one of the most important elements in the romance genre, and one that causes the most pain. Of course we don’t want outside interference between the hero and heroin. But would a prostitute even be in the market for a mutually exclusive relationship, the kind the romance genre has at its core?

My guess is – it is doubtful. 

From the meet cute – the moment the two first fall into each other’s soup – someone has to change their ways, and old habits die hard.

And therein lies the problem.

Human nature is adaptable, so anything should be possible. The size of the carrot might be a factor – the attraction to the new person will have to be strong enough to overcome all the odds stacked against the relationship. But, could there be a permanent, lasting change?

Who knows. 

All of this is the background of Interview With A Seducer: An Unexpected Ghostly Love Story. When a woman is introduced to a sex worker, they have a strong reaction to each other. But the ghost of a jealous spouse would not allow this unlikely ‘relationship’ to die a natural death – instead the ghostly interference has the opposite effect.

This book, coming on April 13, 2021, is not for the faint-hearted because of the haunting. And because of the trope, it is steamy, but it is not erotica.

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