The Winelands

I had a wonderful vacation in Cape Town and the surrounding Winelands!

The weather didn't always played along, and we are not used to so much wind, but we made the most of our time away from Johannesburg. We visited so many wine estates, and even though it was in the off season and no winemaking was in the process, it was the best time to get hold of the vintners for a private chat and education on the process. 

Did you know that they guy in charge of the vineyards, the person who grows the grapes is called a vigneron, the guy who makes the wine is a vintner, and a summelier is the wine expert who serves you the finished product in a restaurant, who has all the knowledge about the wines in the bottles.

I took loads of pictures with my phone - acting like the tourist I was - but now they are stuck in my phone and I have no idea how to get them onto my laptop. Totally blonde! 

Do you know what wine legs/tears refer to? That is the droplets that form on the inside of the glass. It doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the wine, but with the alcohol content - the higher the more droplets. Wine legs are caused by the alcohol evaporating from the sides of the glass. (Just a spot of useless information to make me sound clever). 
Image - Wine Legs
Image Courtesy Wine Folly
Unfortunately, we couldn't do any wine tasting that all of the wine estates offer as my husband was driving and out of sympathy, I didn't either. But we're planning another trip in the harvest time late February/early March next year. Then we will make sure we are driven, so that we can sample everything.

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