Cover Reveal – A Vampire’s Pantry

Cover - A Vampire's Pantry
Lyle is in love with Jared, but he has eyes only for Sophia, who wants to marry Zane, and he is, unknown to anyone, a vampire...

Zanephyn Heart doesn't want to be a vampire. Why did he have to inherit his father's gene? The product of the mating of a vampire and a redblood, he was only half a vampire anyway, a dampir, a creature between nothing and darkness.
But that didn't mean he had to be a vampire. He could cure himself of this curse, and it was quite simple - all he needed was to find a virgin, then wait until all the elements lined up and he would be cured.
Sophia Benning couldn't help being a virgin at the age of twenty-seven, and being a relationship consultant, she held out for true love, the kind of love that featured two rocking chairs with gray-haired and lined faces in them. She knew what people did to each other in her professional capacity, but when she met Zane in a bar, she knew that was it for her - she found the man she wanted to grow old with. But he was taking so long, she had to take matters into her own hands and seduce him.
She arranged an elaborate 'date', which included the seduction followed by a meal in a restaurant neither f them had been to, where he was sure to propose. But her careful planning went wrong from the start when she accidentally made love with the wrong man.
A spell was cast within the heart, that love will come and not depart.
In the very place Sophia chose to seduce Zane, a handfasting had been performed for her in her absence and the spell did not include Zane.
Instead, Jared Walters, a naval officer, was the one who discovered Sophia, and well...
How would this change Zane's plans? And when Sophia found herself to be pregnant?
A witch, a slayer, a reporter, a lawyer, a teacher and the father work together to protect Sophia.

A Vampire's Pantry is book 1 in my JJ duology. It is available on pre-order from September 2, 2022 (that is today) at only 99c.


Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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