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Caught between twin brothers, one courting demons and sorcery, the other the ruler of an empire protected by magic, Ana bears a ring of unknown powers, her legacy from a mother she never knew.

Discovering the ring’s ability makes her both a valuable member of the emperor’s court and a target for abduction by his jealous brother. Soon Ana finds herself betrayed and kidnapped, ultimately held at the mercy of the emperor’s twin and his dark secrets.

The ring exposes a web of love, hatred and unimaginable betrayal. Though its power drains her life force, the fate of the empire depends on her ability to unlock the ring’s secrets. She must find the will and strength to use it, for its magic can save the lives of everyone Ana has come to love. Or it can destroy them completely…

About the Author

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A.J. Park has embraced a lifelong passion for writing and reading. There is nothing better than a really good story, and she feels compelled to keep creating. Fantasy has always been her favorite genre, because it represents the world of imagination in fiction. A.J. loves laughing and joking with family and friends. She enjoys meeting new people, and learning and doing new things. She craves real life adventures, climbing mountains, backpacking, rappelling, swimming in lakes, and snowshoeing. She enjoys building furniture. She loves trees, sunshine, fresh air, shopping for outdoor gear and she always eats her vegetables. Her dislikes include poison ivy, soda, junk food, yard work, uncomfortable shoes and mosquitos. A.J. is from Northern Utah, and is happily married to the father of her three beautiful daughters.
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