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Symmetry – T.M. Caruana

BF Swap - Cover - Symmetry
They are coming for her, but he’ll do anything to protect her.

Isolated and with no recollection of her past, Susy is kept captive in a facility where she battles her illness. Her only friend is an almost absent doctor, and her deepest sorrow is her father’s disappointment in her.

Before finding a cure, Susy’s doctor tells her he won’t see her again and leaves her a necklace with a key she must keep secret. Escaping that place had been a long-time dream, and upon attempting it, her curiosity takes her to a room where she finds the drawer the key unlocks and uncovers what she believes to be a love poem.

As she runs away from her prison, a man grabs her and asks her to trust him. Infatuated at the sight of him, she feels she knows him and can trust him even if she soon realizes that he might be more dangerous than she thought.

Susy is adamant about not allowing her feelings for this man to grow deeper as they run from the ones who want to keep her locked up. At least not until she remembers everything about who she is and what she needs to do to stop the death of billions.

When love and duty collide, will Susy be able to use her powers and intelligence to outsmart her enemies and escape their control?

Be swept away to different worlds in this FANTASY QUEST ROMANCE, where a strong heart and a powerful will are the only things which will save the reader from pulling away from its pages!

If you like the adventures of Lara Croft and the secrets of The Sixth Sense, you will love this series.

★ Other people describe this series as ★

"It’s an original mix of Science Fiction and fantasy which I thought was really clever."

"The actual storyline is something I will think back on for a long time."

"The best book I have read in ten years."

"Symmetry is what I like about fantasy fiction. It is imaginative, has lots of action and the characters are really colourful."

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About The Author

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MBA graduate and ACCA member T.M. Caruana lives in Gibraltar, where she consumes too much coffee and chocolates, but finds it to be just the fuel she needs to pursue her passions. T.M is best known for her paranormal romance and romantic fantasy quests filled with dragon shifters, wolf shifters, and witches! If you like to travel through portals to other worlds, imagine casting spells, or retrieve magical artifacts among the pages of fiction, then you’ll love T.M.’s witty imagination and foreboding prophecies. Start feeling like a Tomb Raiding Bella Swan by subscribing to T. M. Caruana’s newsletter or grabbing one of her novels today.

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