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His Beloved by Anna Santos

BF Swap - Cover - His Beloved
It was just a silly reality show... Until he chose her.

Absurdly rich and gorgeous Daniel Wolfe is used to get what he wants. And he wants Jade.
The powerful vampire male picks her from the crowd of screaming females willing to do anything to please him. He's convinced that she's the One, His Beloved. But he wasn't prepared for a feisty girl who loathes vampires and doesn't want to be his for all Eternity.

Jade will sacrifice anything—even her freedom—to protect her orphaned little brother. But when she's forced to join a reality show that may keep her away from him, she has to survive hell and temptation to get the money she needs to pay for her brother's treatment.

In a world that reveres vampires and reality shows rule the entertainment channels, Jade needs to endure Daniel's seductive games for a week before she can be released from her contract and go back to take care of her brother. However, not everything is what it seems and despite her secret past and her hate for vampires, Jade may be facing a worse danger than being bitten: falling in love.

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About The Author

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Anna Santos is a USA Today Bestselling and an International Bestselling Author. She likes to write about shifters, vampires, angels, mermaids, fae, and occasionally humans.

​Anna always keeps her readers on their toes with adrenaline-fuelled adventures, genuine characters, strong female leads, and romantic plots.

​When she’s not writing, she’s probably reading or spending too watching TV shows. As an introvert, home is her safe harbor. Yet, she’s known for leaving the house from time to time and having her family throw a party because they haven’t seen her for days. Then they ask her how many books she wrote while gone, assuming that writing must be super easy.

 Anna guarantees that it’s not, but she never wanted to be anything else. Unless there’s a possibility of being a powerful supernatural being in an awesome world where unicorns and fairies are real. Then, she would probably go there and never come back.



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Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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