Misty Mountain Hotel

        In the Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons series, the wedding takes The Lodge - Peter Sandgroundplace in a haunted hotel in a remote, mountainous area in the Cape Province of South Africa. Misty mountains surrounds the hotel, and winding dirt roads is the only way to reach it.

        There are wonderful guest lodges and hotels in the area, but I thought they might not like me audaciously endowing them with a passel of ghosts.            A haunted hotel/lodge could have one of two reactions to it, and neither might be appreciated by the management. It might either attract ghost hunters (the wrong kind of visitors), or it might put would-be guests off staying there.
        So, I created my own haunted hotel, set in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains, it is old, built from solid stone, complete with chimneys and turrets, a bit like the house in the picture.
        As I made it up, there is no picture of my hotel, but I had something like this in mind. My hotel has only fifteen guest rooms, all with draped fourposter beds and fireplaces. A spiral staircase, lit by arrow-slit windows during the day, and torches at night, leads to the upper stories. Torches are used as there is no electricity at the lodge. Even the stormy weather gives the place a Gothic ambiance.   

So, Where Did The Ghosts Enter The Story?

The ghosts actually added themselves to the story. The Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons series was intended to be a straight forward, passionate romance series. But when I looked again, there were ghosts on the page. And they were persistent buggers, determined to stay in my tale. The only thing to do was to give them a job, so to speak. They had to haunt Room 13 and scare the hapless couples staying in that room, out of their minds.
        The story of the ghosts and what had happened to them, develops throughout the five books in the series. (The first three books are available, the final two to be published in 2019/20.) Only in the final book is the full story of the ghosts revealed.
        What happened in the past in Room 13?

Why am I Telling You all this?

Book 1 in the series, Runaway Couple, is free. Get it here: https://tinyurl.com/y3s9yrm7.  And if you sign up for my Newsletter, you can also download book 2, He’s Married, for free. Follow the link in Runaway Couple or go here: https://mailchi.mp/828970ea9730/hes-married-download. Book 3, You’re Wrong, is available here: https://tinyurl.com/y5c9v4em. 

        I don’t intend to fill your inbox with a never ending stream of emails otherwize known as spam. I’d like to keep you informed about new ghosts interfering with my heroes and heroines, as they fall in love.


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