Marrying for Convenience?

5 Handicaps that put a spoke in from the beginning

Generally, when two people decide to get hitched for a reason other than love, they already know each other, presumably they already like each other, and each of the bring into the marriage something that the other want. As this is not a love match to start with, there is nonetheless the hope, and the possibility, that they might come to mean something more to each other in time. But at best, marrying for a convenience is dicey, as it could be a beneficial partnership, or it could turn into a   living hell.
So, in A Convenient Marriage, as the title implies, a couple does it because it is convenient for them. But these two were handicapped more that most in similar situations. 
  • In the first place, neither of them believed that the marriage would be ‘real’, because, as they both had an agenda of their own, it was supposed to be a temporary affair and easy to undo. The convenience was that they each needed something from each other – and it wasn’t s.e.x.
  • Secondly, and this was their own fault, they never met each other in person beforehand, so they didn’t have the opportunity to discuss what they each were after, until they were already married. They were complete strangers to each other.
  • Thirdly, they didn’t reckon with the undue influence Holly became the victim of from the moment she accepted Joshua’s proposal, and it would be only after the wedding that she discovered why she was being followed around by a ghost.
  • And in the forth place, they forgot that they wouldn’t be isolated in this, but that their families and friends all would influence their relationship, just as family and friends normally do.
  • And saving the best for last, to be convincing as a couple and achieve what they set out to do, they had to pretend like they never have before, and they had to pretend to be, well, in love.

This was a huge slice of cake they served each other. Could they do it?

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