Just look what I have gone and done!

Trapped In Yesterday became, well, Trapped In Yesterday. 

Yup, I have gone and done it again. It is as if something is biting me, and I just have to do it - I can't help myself.
I only had to change the cover image of Trapped In Yesterday. The story is still the same - a young widow who is given an interesting birthday gift - a night with a professional sex worker - but her dead husband objected. 

Which cover do you prefer, left or right? 


My duology Roxanne's Ghost is no longer available in Kindle Unlimited. 

And, me being me, it was too good an opportunity not to do it, and this time I have changed both the cover images and the titles. The story remains the same, though - identical twin sisters falling in love with the same man. When he married one sister, the other plotted, and now, 7 years later, she is ready for her revenge...  
The title changed from Find My Love to Find Her and is available here.

Book 2 in the duology changed from this (I always hated this cover) this. The title changed from Worthy To Love to Save Me (as you read the reason for this title will become clear). It is available here. 

I decided to take both books in the Roxanne's Ghost duology wide instead of them being exclusive to Amazon. They can now be found on many more online bookstores, as well as from here:

Find Her

Save Me

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