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Blazing Hearts Of Justice

by Dahlia T. Drake

BF Swap - Cover - Blazing Hearts of Justice
Wolf shifters, blood magic and stabby, sweary heroes, oh my!

I’m not the spoiled little rich girl everyone thinks I am. 

 I’m a witch, secretly training for the past ten years, to fight demons and dark magic with blood magic and gifts from goddesses.

Absolutely no one knows. I live with my grandmother in our luxurious mansion pretending to be a spoiled, promiscuous, party girl.

Today is the day. Nothing can get in my way. But now Jax Palmer, the tantalizing, off-limits wolf shifter I bartend with, shows up threatening blackmail if I don’t take him with me. 

I’ve told him he shouldn’t get involved. He’s lucky we’re friends or I’d hex him to Hades and be on my way. 

It’s bound to be a dark and bloody time. I can’t let things get spicy, too. 

I really don’t need the distraction.

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