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A Court of Spells and Hexes

by NR Hairston

SO Swap - Cover - A Court of Hexes & Spells
The royal court of Lillion have been kidnapped and unjustly put in prison. When I break the hexes to release them, four of the most lethal witches alive escape.
It’s up to me and my boyfriend Tix to find them and stop their murderous rampage. Now, they’ve turned their sights on us. Will either of us be able to survive their deadly assault?
Driz had no idea Tix could be so protective… Driz and Tix have to deal with more than one royal court in the third addition to the series.
For a detailed look at all of the characters, including the secondary couples, please check out the author's website.

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About The Author

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N.R. Hairston resides in Southern Virginia with her family. 

She enjoys writing, reading, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones.


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Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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