Prologue – A Vampire’s Pantry

The sand had been swept by the wind and weather until it was smooth and unmarred by infrequent footprints, the sound of the ocean no more than a distant memory. Coastal scrubs, punctuated by gnarled and twisted trees, formed a circle around the patch of powdery white sand, as if it knew not to encroach on the sacred space.

At midnight, with the moon at its zenith, no shadow touched the ring of flickering candles that sometimes illuminated the clearing.

This was a powerful place, especially when the elements were perfectly aligned. Wishes spoken tended to come true, and promises made by word or by deed were rendered indestructible.

For the change and growth needed to complete a process, nine wispy white figures crouched inside the circle—nine, to signify the rule of three: that which is sent out returns to thee three times three. Their palms buried in the sand grounded them. Smoke of jasmine—for love and prosperity, and lemon verbena—to attract a mate, curled into the ebon dome; not a breath of air would dare to carry it away.

Two white candles, one engraved with the word man, the other woman, cast their light over the altar where the pentacle gleamed in the flickering light. The pages of an untended Book Of Shadows fluttered in the breeze, the sound accompanied by the low, musical hum of the ritual.

This spell is cast within the heart,

That love will come and not depart.

The preparation took a long time, and it wasn’t over yet.

This was a handfasting. Knowing what was to come changed behavior and modified expectations. For that reason, this wedding was a secret; the parties involved not physically present. They did not know each other—they have never met—but they would.

When they came together in this sacred space, the spell would speak to their hearts.

Two green wax effigies on the altar represented the pair. No one knew who they were—the fates would bring them together when the time was right. Knowledge of the vows spoken on their behalf might keep them away.

After attracting the notice of a vampire, for her safety, it was imperative that they came. 
Cover - A Vampire's Pantry
Zanephyn Heart is not your normal, run-of-the-mill vampire. You will either love him or hate him with a passion.

Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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