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Unhinged: HellNight Academy Book 2

By Dreia Wells

Everything I thought I knew about my life was a lie.

SO Swap - Cover - Unhinged
With all the revelations about me coming to the surface, I just need time to figure it all out. Trying to navigate my day-to-day life with four soul tethers, a fated mate, and my betrothed is a challenge within itself, but time is not on my side. When I think I can settle into my new normal, my world turns upside once more.

The truth of what I am is revealed.
I feel like everyone's eyes are on me, and they all want a pound of flesh.

The Headmistress seeks to discredit me.
The students want to challenge me.
The Council wants to use me.
The Angels want me dead.

It’s an all-out witch-hunt, and I’m public enemy number one. I’ve tried so hard to live a life that was befitting of a guardian, now, all bets are off.
I’m done being somebodies’ pawn.

I’ve fallen in line long enough, and now it’s time for my darkness to shine.
If it’s a villain they want, then a villain is what they’re going to get.

Unhinged is an 18+ Dark Paranormal Why Choose Romance. The second book in the HellNight Academy series. Contains: Graphic Violence, Torture, Blood, and serious gore.

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About The Author
SO Swap - Guest Author Dreia Wells
Dreia Wells is a writer of all things Supernatural. The Queen of Crazy that loves to give her readers plotgasms and so much more. She is originally from Houston, Texas, but now resides in England with her husband and son. When she’s not world building, she’s reading with her feet up and coffee in her hands. 

Dreia is an equal opportunity author who not only writes Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy but as her alter ego D. Sparks she writes Contemporary and Dark Romance. She has so much more she wants to share and lots of stories floating around in her head. So, follow her down the rabbit hole, who knows where it all may lead?


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Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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