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The Dark Heir

Secrets, demons, and a well known vampire.

First in Series

SO Author Swap - The Dark Heir - Corinne M Knight
In Europe’s Order of the Dragon everything isn’t as it seems. Secrets run deep, and darkness shadows everything they do.

Lucien De Winter is tasked by them to investigate a case of demonic activity at the Roslyn Academy, a school run by the Order for rich, spoiled brats. Or so Lucien thinks until he meets Avery there and is attracted to her electric personality.

Daughter of supernatural aristocracy, Avery Darmon is a very human student in a very supernatural school. Everything changes for her when she meets Lucien. She finds him intriguing; his magnetic energy pulling her into the midst of danger.

When things take a sinister turn for Lucien, turning him from the hunter to the hunted, Avery knows she has to help keep him alive, no matter what it takes. Embarking on a journey across Europe, Lucien seeks the one person who can help them to take down the Order now hunting them. Vlad Dracula.

Can Lucien find him? What secrets will he be able to share? And will it be enough to save both him and Avery?

About The Author

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Corinne is a Romanian born author who loves to write paranormal romance with a flair from her motherland.

She currently lives in the Welsh capital with her lovely husband, but dreams of heading to pastures new and setting up home in remotest Scotland. An avid history fan, she feels she would be quite at home in a castle. 

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Corinne Knight
Ghoulies & Ghosties

Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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