I love spooky paranormal romance!

A spooking walk in the forest
A spooky walk in the woods

Let’s face it, love really is all around us. And it is love, not money, that makes the world go round. But maybe my phrase, spooky paranormal romance needs some elucidation. Let’s start with romance. Even when you read a murder mystery or a horror novel, there are romantic elements in it, because people fall in love all over the place and in any kind of a setting. People find each other in the most unexpected or dangerous situations. It is human nature.

What fascinates me about romance is, firstly, what characteristics attract people to each other enough to fall in love and, secondly, what traits keep them in love for a lifetime when one in three relationships fail. This is the mechanics behind relationships, a throw-back from studying psychology at university.


People want to be scared. Fear gets the primitive fight or flight response going. And that is where the paranormal comes in. When I say paranormal, I don’t mean zombies and vampires. Creatures with tentacles and many teeth also don’t interest me. Those are not scary and only have entertainment value, as far as I am concerned. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting authors of those genres down, all I’m saying is that those elements are not what I write about. I’m interested in what isn’t visible to the eye, things that go bump in the night, ‘nothing is as it seems’, and witches getting up to mischief or doing genuine good work to help. And ghosts, of course.

Creepy Little Proofs

We all have those creepy little experiences of something moving just at the edge of your vision and when you turn to look, there is nothing there. Or the sound we hear for which there are no logical explanations. And who of us haven’t known what was going to happen next or what someone was going to say, before it actually happened? This is what is termed deja-vu.

Masks people wear
I have no idea where I found this picture, but it is perfect for the masks people wear.
The Masks People Wear

People are not always what they seem. It is a known fact that people represent themselves in the best light. What they show the world is only the tip of the iceberg of their personality. I like to say people wear ‘masks’ to hide their true selves from others, for reasons of their own.

My Paranormal = Ghosts

But my biggest interest is why some people seem to get stuck on the earthbound plane after they die. I even joined a paranormal investigation group once, but I’m yet to come face to face with a ghost I could have a conversation with. I’ve been told I look too hard and that was why I’m unlikely to see a ghost. But I do experience them. On one occasion I had fallen asleep on the couch and I startled awake with the distinct feeling of someone leaning over me. There was no one there, but the room was freezing cold. It was the middle of summer.

Black rose with water drops
The perfect black rose
Romance + Ghosts = Ghostly Paranormal Romance

Romance in combination with spooky paranormal is what I write. Instead of placing my characters in mortal danger of burning buildings, an erratic gunman or in the path of a tidal wave, I scare them with what they cannot see.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

To prepare you for my books. It is a given fact that expectation enhances enjoyment, and I hope you will enjoy the trilogy very much. If you’re not convinced, please follow the link below.

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