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Feathers & Flame – A Conspiracy of Witches

BF Swap - Cover - Feathers & Flame
When the Phoenix rises, Ravens will fall...

When a ball of fire explodes from her hand, Thora is propelled into a world of magic, prophecy, and a deadly secret. Witches exist, there’s a price on her head, and only she can prevent a war centuries in the making.

Feathers and Flame is the first book in the slow burn Urban Romantasy series A Conspiracy of Witches.

A Tragedy…

Eighteen years ago, a home caught fire and burned to the ground, leaving five-year-old Thora Lumin the sole survivor. Plagued with an aversion to touch resulting from the trauma, the next chapter of her life was far from easy. She’d gone from ‘daughter’ and ‘sister’ to ‘orphan’ and ‘freak,’ and those words would haunt her until another would lay claim: ‘Witch.’

A Stranger…

After being attacked by someone she thought she could trust and rescued by a mysterious stranger with a dark connection to her past, Thora is launched into a magical world parallel to her own. Only with the help of her new found family, an adorably aggressive bird familiar, and a devilishly handsome six-hundred-year-old man, can she hope to survive her destiny.

A Prophecy…

Magic exists, witches are real, and Thora is the prophesied Phoenix—destined to put an end to a ruling tyrant and ignite a rebellion that will either unite Conduits and humans in peace… or start a war that could destroy them all.

Feathers & Flame

About The Author

BF Swap Guest Author NB Snook
N.B. Snook is Canadian author who spends her days sipping mocha lattes by the lake and working on her latest novel. She’s a lover of cats, dinosaurs, and massive portions of spaghetti. Thunderstorms excite her, true crime fascinates her, and oranges are her enemy. She also writes under the name Noel B. Snook.


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