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Demon Reign – DM Sheneman

SO Swap - Cover - Demon Reign
What can I do when a demon makes me question everything I believe?

Marked at birth, I have spent my life in service to the temple, where the Priestess captures and controls demons to keep others safe. Determined to prove myself, I am inexplicably drawn to Dagon, a demonic being so powerful he was worshiped as a God.
An attack on the temple leads to a revelation—a way to close the gates of hell and banish all demons from the mortal plane, but my journey with Dagon is leading me to more questions than answers and feelings I do not know how to control.
How am I to do what I have set out to do if it will mean losing him? How can I banish all demons when there is one holding onto my heart?

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Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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