Traditions and Superstitions

Bridesmaids, Wedding & Honeymoons Series

The idea for my series on the theme of bridesmaids, weddings, and honeymoons was sparked by the notion that some women are doomed to be bridesmaids, and never to be brides themselves.

My beautiful daughter, Muriel, on her wedding day

This might be true for some women, but as weddings are one of those places where the potential for new romances to blossom is really strong, others might find that bit of folklore to be incorrect. At weddings, love seems to be in the air and cupid is a very busy boy under such circumstances.

Weddings have always been an important event on the social calendar. It is the perfect time to get re-acquainted with family and friends and to meet new people.

Many traditions have been attached to weddings over the years. In some cases, the logic behind the tradition has been lost, but it is interesting how many are still being used today.

Old Wives’ Tales

It is said that if the bride cries on her wedding day, she won’t cry again in her marriage. And rain on the wedding day is supposed to predict many children. Candles blown out by the wind during the wedding ceremony is supposed to bring very bad luck, because somebody is going to cause trouble. Eloise can vouch for this, because all the candles in the chapel blew out, and look at the trouble she had afterwards.

Another old wives’ tale is that if the younger of two sisters marry first, the older sister must dance barefoot at the wedding if she wants to find a husband of her own.

The woman who catches the bride’s bouquet and the man the garter when tossed will be the next to get married. Traditionally, the unmarried man who catches the garter must place it on the leg of the unmarried woman who catches the bouquet.

And another tradition attempting to predict the next wedding is the one about the maid of honor and the best man going off together after the wedding. Marcus played heavily on this one to turn Piper’s head.

The rings have been the focus of attention in that if it is dropped before it is placed on the finger, the person who dropped it will be the first of the couple to die.

The rhyme, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe, dates from Victorian times but the traditions behind it is even older still. Something old has the continuation of the family in mind. Something new was a symbol for prosperity and good luck. The item that was borrowed is supposed to be something that brought happiness to another married person. Blue is the symbol of purity, modesty, fidelity and love. And the sixpence in her shoe meant that the bride would never be without.

And these are but a few.

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What Makes For A Successful Marriage?

The one question in every prospective bride’s mind has to be whether or not her marriage to the man of her dreams would survive the test of time.

I have often wondered about, not only what characteristics attract people to each other, but also what keeps them together after the wedding.

I went searching for the statistics for the success rate of marriages. Success rate is of course measured by how long the marriage lasts.

We all know that families – read couples – who eat together, are said to stay together, but how many people know that the same is true for couples who watch movies together? Here are 8 equally surprising things that lead to a long-lasting marriage

How many people know that there is such a thing as an infidelity gene? Or that the ‘big wedding’ had to do with the commitment of the couple?

For those who would like to have answers before they take the plunge, check out these surprising predictions

Between the three articles, there are contradictions on the results of the cost of the wedding. You decide for yourself which is true. To help you, here is an article about abstinence, you know, not doing it until the wedding night. Maybe our grannies had a point, although they might not have understood the why behind it.

I     I just love the wedding theme, don’t you? From the traditions and superstitions attached to the big day, the wedding themes and the lengths people would go to to stand out and make that day memorable, to random statistics like these, I think there is enough scope for many more novels after my Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons series. Book 1, The Run-Away Couple, is available on amazon here . Book 2 in the series, He’s Married, will be released on August 26, 2015 and book 3, You’re Wrong, sometime in September.
      All the pictures in this post was taken of my beautiful daughter, Muriel van der Linde, and her husband Zack’s wedding 5 years ago, by Louis Kleinhans. 

Runaway Couple



It is said that the maid of honor and the best man are the most likely to have sex on a wedding night. Add a love-hate relationship and throw a couple of ghosts into the mix, and you have the runaway couple.
Eloise chose a Gothic themed wedding for her and Dane, complete with remote setting, flickering candles, flaming torches and shadows, all geared toward scaring the guests. The stormy weather and swirling mists were a bonus.
But the person most scared is the maid of honor, the bride’s elder sister, Piper. She didn’t do creep. Added to that, she’s been lumped together with Marcus, the best man and the bane of Piper’s teenage life. He was a prankster of renown when they were growing up. As the boy-next-door, he singled Piper out for the best he could come up with. She didn’t trust him then, and she certainly didn’t trust him now.
As the runaway couple, will they follow the traditional path? Or will Piper’s dislike and mistrust of Marcus win out?
Set in South Africa, the Runaway Couple is the first book in a set of steamy romances about bridesmaids, weddings and honeymoons that will appeal to the young and the young at heart alike.

Maggie Tideswell is an author of erotic paranormal romance.
Wow! So is everybody else.
What sets Maggie apart is that she writes from a South African perspective, because that is where she lives with her husband, Gareth and their three cats.
When asked why she writes in the paranormal, her answer was that paranormal, things unexplained, is all around us, whether we acknowledge it or not. And romance is everywhere too. It is love, not money, that makes the world go round.
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