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You’re Wrong – Book 3 in Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons Series

In You’re Wrong, book 3 of the Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons series, Nathan and Rubi might or might not find true love. They met for the first time at Dane and Eloise’s wedding, and their was an instant attraction between them. Rubi thought Nathan could be her new BFF after Piper got married so suddenly, because he was attractive and sinfully hot, but being gay, he was as good as a girl anyway.

They bumped into each other quite by accident the week after Eloise and Dane’s wedding. Upset by the echoes of her sordid past, Nathan was unforgivably sexy but a temporary distraction to Rubi. She wanted the real thing, stability and love, and Nathan couldn’t give that to her.

But, Nathan had no intention of being a mere distraction. He was determined to prove Rubi wrong in the only way he knew how. He abducted her and took her back to the place where they first met, the lodge where Eloise and Dane were married the week before.

Rubi and Nathan found themselves in room 13, the same room Marcus and Piper had occupied the night of the wedding, and Eloise and Dane the night before. Their experiences with the ghosts in that room made them realize that something very tragic had happened there.
Question is, would Nathan convince Rubi that she is wrong about him? And then?

You’re Wrong will be available on Amazon here from 13 January 2016.

Read chapter 1 for free on  wattpad here’re-wrong

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