Themed Weddings – How Popular are They?

The wedding day is the one day in her life every girl dreams of from when she is but a little girl. Over the years, many fantasies are woven around that magical day. A lot of planning – and money – goes into that one day. It has to be perfect, a memory to last a lifetime.

All weddings have a theme. That is what determines everything from the color scheme and the type of flowers used in the bouquets to the style of the wedding dress and how many tiers the wedding cake has. Themes range from Country to Winter or Vineyard, often revolves around a specific color like Purple or Pink.

But what about more off-beat themes, like a 60’s wedding, or a Rocky Horror theme? Do brides go in for those, or are they best left to the Vegas scene?

You’d be surprized. I found this article on a Parry Potter themed wedding. I like it. The set-up of the reception was very authentic – if one is a Harry Potter fan. It must have been a huge wedding.

I haven’t found a Rocky Horror wedding except for in Vegas, but here is a Rock ‘n Roll wedding which is absolutely stunning, complete with black wedding dress and dramatic table settings.

I was particularly interested in the Gothic themed weddings. I came across this one. It is beautiful and classy. I absolutely love it!

Eloise, of course, chose a Gothic theme for her and Dane’s wedding in The Run-Away Couple, book 1 in the Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons series. She searched specifically for a venue in a remote setting and found one in the Outeniqua Mountains. The lodge is unnamed because I didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes by making out their lodge is haunted!

The lodge was old, covered in creepers with it’s own small chapel for weddings. It might have had an electricity supply, but for Eloise’s wedding, only torches and candles were used for lighting. The ceremony was at night to enhance the creepy ambiance. Add a thunderstorm and torrential rain and the Gothic setting was complete.

Her dress was of heavy cream velvet with embroidery on the bodice and a lace panel in the front of the skirt. The maid-of honor wore a dress that was an exact replica of the wedding dress in deep red, but without the embroidery and lace.

It was a spectacular wedding, but Piper, Eloise’s sister and maid-of-honor, had reason to wonder often in the course of the night if Eloise got more than she paid for?

Book 2 in the series, He’s Married, will be available next month.

The pictures in this post was taken by Louis Kleinhans of my daughter’s
wedding 5 years ago. She had a Castle themed wedding, at Stonehaven Castle in Shongweni, Kwa-Zulu Natal. The color scheme was black and orange.

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