Most Haunted Places In South Africa

Haunted South AfricaSince the beginning of time, people have been fascinated with the supernatural. Whether you believe in ghost stories and haunted houses or not, almost everyone has at least one story of some creepy incident which simply defies any logical explanation.

Cape Town is the oldest city in the country, with many tales of brave pioneers and its fair share of broken hearts and tragedies. It’s only natural then that our Mother City should have a few ghost stories to tell.

Castle of Good Hope

Cape Town

The Castle Of Good Hope is South Africa’s oldest surviving colonial building and possibly one of the most haunted places in South Africa. Having served as both a prison and execution site, it is no wonder than numerous troubled spirits walk these halls.

Castle of Good Hope

Tales tell of an unidentified two meter tall figure that walks the castle’s battlements. Spotted in 1915 and 1947, this semi-luminous spectre was seen over a period of weeks, and it is said that his footsteps can frequently be heard in this part of the castle. Some believe that this is the same ghost who rings the castle’s bell form time to time. The bell in the Bell Tower was walled up centuries ago after a soldier hung himself with the bell-rope.

A black dog is also said to haunt the property and has been known to pounce on visitors and vanish at the last moment.

Other spectres which make the Castle of Good Hope one of the most haunted places in South Africa is Lady Anne Barnard. In the late eighteenth century, Lady Anne lived at the Castle as the colony’s First Lady and often entertained important dignitaries. Lady Anne’s ghost is said to appear at parties held in honour of important visitors.

Governor Pieter Gysbert van Noodt is another restless spirit in the Castle. Apparently a strict and militant man, he once sentenced four soldiers to die by hanging for desertion. One of the soldiers is said to have cursed him. Later that day, Van Noodt was found dead at his desk, having died of a heart attack and it was rumored that he died at precisely the same time as the soldiers.

Groote Schuur Hospital

Groote Schuur Hospital is believed to be haunted by a number of apparitions. A young nurse shot herself when she contracted a terminal disease during World War Two. She still roams the corridors. A  nursing sister with white eyes apparently also walk around the hospital, as do a young man who fell to his death while trying to escape from the upper floor. A grey lady, named Sister Fatima, tries to help the nursing staff on their rounds.

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