Moragh’s Ghost Saga

My name is Maggie Tideswell, bestselling author of spooky paranormal romance, amongst which is the trilogy, Moragh’s Ghost Saga.
As with all authors, I am always looking for new ways to promote my work.
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My books are all set in South Africa, and there are always a ghost or two interfering with my heroes and heroines as they fall in love.
This year, my New Year Resolution was to publish four books, the first of which will be out  Thursday, 13 June 2019.
Poppet Nicole is book 2 in the Moragh’s Ghost Saga.
In honor of the release, I dropped the price of both books to $2.99 each (normal price $4.99)

A Convenient Marriage is the beginning of falling in love.

Holly and Joshua do the unthinkable – they marry each other as complete strangers. They have never even seen each other before they met on the steps of the chapel there were to be married in. I can hear you ask why on earth they would do such an irresponsible, downright dangerous thing. I know, I know, marriage is serious business, and one should know the other person well before taking the plunge…

Holly’s Problem

The answer, of course, lies in the adage – desperate times call for desperate measures. And Holly and Joshua were desperate.
Holly was desperate to see her children her ex and his new wife were keeping from her. She figured a new husband in her corner would be just the thing to resolve her problem.

Joshua’s Problem

Joshua was desperate to get hitched – an engagement of four years was three and a half too long, to his mind. Knowing Nicole as he did, he reckoned introducing her to a wife would be just the motivation she needed – after all, spoilt brat she was, she’d want what was out of her reach.

The Master Plan

Neither Holly nor Joshua intended their ‘marriage’ to be a real one. The plan was, as soon as they each achieved what they set out to do – Holly to have her children and Joshua a firm commitment from Nicole – they’d walk away from the marriage, no harm done. Falling in love was not an option.

It could work, right?

Wrong. Holly and Joshua made one fundamental mistake.

And that is?

They didn’t take into account that they were real people, with real feelings. Nor did they expect a ghost to take a special interest in what they were up to. And what about Nicole? Surely they didn’t expect her to accept everything quietly, did they?

Desperately in love with one man, she plans to marry another.

Oh no, Nicole wanted revenge for the abominable way Joshua had treated her, and when he on top of everything else, inherited what should have been hers, it was just the final straw. Her story continues in book 2 of the Moragh’s Ghost Saga, Poppet Nicole.

Nicole’s Conundrum

Even though she’d admit it to no one, Nicole knows she made a hash of things. She should have married Joshua when she had the chance. Instead, she’d gone and fallen pregnant by another man. Her father’s stipulation that Joshua marries Nicole within a month becomes her goal, as she didn’t believe for one second that Joshua was really married to Holly. Nothing stood in his way of doing his duty to her.


Without warning, Ned, the father of her unborn child, comes back into her life complicate everything. Him, she wants with a passion, but first, she has to reclaim her inheritance. She’d divorce Joshua after a short time and claim half of everything he owns, then she’ll marry Ned.

And then…

Just how far is Nicole prepared to go to get her own way? Will Ned stand by while she tries to ruin another man’s life?

There is, of course, a book 3 in the series. The Parson’s Daughter will be out early 2020.

Spinner of ghostly yarns with a passion for romance and a touch of fantasy. Be prepared to encounter strange characters and to-die-for heroes.

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