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    Trapped In Yesterday: A Bewildering Ghostly Tale.

    Seriously, who doesn't love the goosebumps raised by things that can't rationally be explained? Creaking doors, a cat's arched back and puffed-out tail, footsteps when no one is there. Lovely creepy stuff. This ghost is a proper piece of work. How do you escape a jealous ghost? Lawrence can't find peace in death. He hangs around the house he lived in with his wife, trapping Rachel in the past without her even realizing it. Until her friend Jane arranges an unusual 30th birthday gift for her - a night with a professional seducer. Trip is hotter than hot, happy with his life, and what he does for a living. He…

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    Eternal Blood – H.G. Lynch

    Eternal Trilogy Book 1 An Immortal Killer is Playing a Deadly Game. The Worst Monsters Start Out Human. Ember and her friends are living the kinds of lives only supernaturals can - late nights at The Graveyard Club, wild vampire sex, and a little ghost-hunting on the side. When a string of murders occurs, they all suspect a supernatural culprit. But this murderer has been alive for a long, long time, and what he really wants is to play a deadly game... Get The Book! Ghoulies & Ghosties Ghostly