The Moragh Saga

Book 1 – A Convenient Marriage

A Convenient Marriage - when strangers get hitched

When strangers get hitched, it is a marriage of convenience. But with the help of fey friends, hidden agendas, and a haunting—could love blossom? Set in the beautiful winelands of the Southern Cape in South Africa, strange things start happening from the moment Holly accepts Joshua’s offer of marriage—in response to an advert placed in the newspaper by Holly’s ‘helpful’ friends. They meet for the first time on the steps of the chapel where they are to be married.
Holly has to solve a thirty-year-old mystery before the ghost that is haunting her will be at peace. Over and above everything that is taking place, Holly and Joshua do battle with her ex-husband over their two children, as well as Joshua’s fiancée who is not the least bit happy about his marriage to another woman and gets up to all sorts to show her displeasure.
Risky as the marriage between strangers is—is it possible for Holly and Joshua to fall in love?

Book 2 – Poppet Nicole

Poppet Nicole - when strangers get hitched

She’ll never finish falling in love, but she has priorities no one understand.
Nicole’s story continues in Poppet Nicole. Will she get her revenge for the abominable way Joshua, her fiancé of four years, had treated her when he brought home a stranger he introduced as his wife?
Even though she’d admit it to no one, Nicole knows she made a hash of things. She should have married Joshua when she had the chance, but instead she’d gone and fallen pregnant by another man. And then her father disinherited her, leaving everything she’d been brought up to expect to own one day, to Joshua, with the instruction to marry Nicole within a month. As he isn’t really married to Holly, nothing is standing in his way.
Without warning, Ned, the father of her unborn child, comes back into her life complicate everything. Him, she wants with a passion, but first she has to reclaim her inheritance. She’d divorce Joshua after a short time and claim half of everything he owns, then she’ll marry Ned.
Just how far is Nicole prepared to go to get her own way? Will Ned stand by while she tries to ruin another man’s life?

Book 3 – The Parson’s Daughter

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