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The Witch’s Complement: A Bite of Magic Book 1

by Lucille Yates

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Jesi must find the kidnapped kids, but her magic won't work on the detective in charge. Is he the key to saving the children or to her destruction?

Someone is kidnapping magical children, and it’s up to two people to save them before it’s too late.

Jesi left the law firm when she inherited her great-grandmother’s power. Now she knows the history of everyone she touches. When two children disappear from her coven, Jesi must use her power to find them. If only she could use it without losing herself.

Chuck is a detective without a partner assigned to a case with no leads that’s about to open up a new world. When a strange woman crosses his path, he is convinced he found his lead suspect. One he cannot get out of his head.

Will Chuck be able to accept the supernatural? Will Jesi learn to control her powers in time to find the children? Will their attraction to one another distract them from the case?

Two worlds collide in this thrilling new novel full of secrets, magic, and a romance that will leave you wanting more!

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About the Author

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Lucille Yates writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy stories. They feature head strong women, complicated men, and sizzling chemistry.

Lucille enjoys writing the stories that are constantly playing like a movie in her head. She is excited that others will now enjoy them as much as she does. 

When she is not writing, she is reading, playing with her seven-year-old son, watching videos, or playing games. She lives outside of Savannah, GA with her husband, son, and three cats.

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