Interview With A Seducer

He was her 30th birthday gift, but her husband objected.
Only, he didn’t have a say…

Maggie Tideswell

Rachel’s best friend gave her an unusual  birthday gift – a night with a professional seducer of women – to get her out of her rut .

Interview With A Seducer

She wasn’t ready to do that to her husband. So, not to offend Jane, Rachel turned the paid-for time into something more palatable, and requested that the seducer meet with her in a public place, prepared to answer a bunch of questions truthfully.

Faced with the man across a restaurant table, she knew she was in way over her head – and in deep, deep trouble. What she did not expect, was for the man to touch her by only touching her hand. And he wanted to see her again.

Her husband, Lawrence, was not pleased with the development. Laptops flew through the air, light bulbs exploded, doors and floorboards bore the brunt of his temper. He even tried to drown her in the bathtub.

On the day Rachel met Trip, Jane receives a parcel from her twin sister, whom she had not seen for a few years. Jane became frantic to find her. Could Lissa be somehow involved with an unsolved murder? Lawrence would go to extreme lengths to keep certain home truths from Rachel.

Just how were all these people involved with her life?

Interview With A Seducer is not for the faint of heart – it features a nasty ghost and lots of talk about love. It is paranormal romance, not erotica.

Interview With A Seducer will be released the day before Valentine’s Day, 2021.

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