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Bridesmaids, Weddings, & Honeymoons series

Runaway Couple (Book 1)

Piper agreed to be her little sister’s maid of honor. She did NOT agree to a spooky, stormy, haunted venue. Piper’s sister chose a Gothic themed wedding and geared it all toward scaring the guests.

As far as Piper was concerned, mission accomplished. She was thoroughly creeped out.

But the worst was yet to come: Tradition dictates that the best man and maid of honor go off together during the wedding night, creating a steamy romantic night all their own. But Piper is lumped together with Marcus, the best man and the bane of her teenage years. He was a prankster of renown when they were growing up. As the boy-next-door, he singled Piper out to test his newest and best tricks. She didn’t trust him then, and she certainly didn’t trust him now. But despite all that, Piper can’t help but notice the way he keeps looking at her.

Set in South Africa, Runaway Couple is the first book in a series of steamy paranormal ghost romances featuring bridesmaids, weddings and honeymoons, that will appeal to the young and the young at heart.

He's Married-paranormal-romance-author

He’s Married (Book 2)

Eloise had the wedding of her dreams—all arranged and finalized within a month. Now that the wedding night was upon her, her fears reared their ugly heads.

Dane, her new husband was really a stranger to her. In hindsight, Eloise realized she shouldn’t have insisted they wait for their wedding night. It wasn’t that she was inordinately traditional, only that Dane should have been given a choice in the matter.

Because Eloise had a secret. Dane and Eloise left for the beautiful Maldives on a two week honeymoon. In this idyllic setting, life threw her a curve ball. Because Dane had a secret, too. She would have put up with a number of things, but this particular secret could shatter her belief in fairytale weddings.

How was she supposed to deal with another wife?

You're Wrong-paranormal romance

You’re Wrong (Book 3)

Assumptions are invariably incorrect. Even when proven wrong, people tend to stick to what they believe.

Rubi believed herself to be married for six years, until it was proven that she’d never been married at all. Finding herself a free agent again after years of waiting for her elusive husband, she needed a man.

Nathan walked into her life at precisely the right moment. Handsome, hot, and gay, he could only be a temporary distraction, or so she assumed. But what she didn’t take into account was that Nathan might have other plans for her.

Even so, she wanted the real thing—a relationship, stability, and love—and Nathan couldn’t give that to her. Or so she assumed. To prove her wrong about him, he abducted her and took her to the place where they first met, at Dane and Eloise’s wedding the week before.

Back at the lodge, they find themselves in the same haunted room. Between the ghosts and Rubi’s insistence that he is gay, would Nathan succeed in changing her perception of him?

To add to her doubts, there’s also the matter of a certain secret he’s not ready to share.

Roxanne’s Ghost series

Find My Love - paranormal romance

Find My Love (Book 1)

Dr. Ben Arnold is still grieving the death of his wife, Roxanne, when he puts in an ad for a nanny. On Friday the 13th, Jessica James arrives for an interview. Because of the instant attraction between them, Ben refuses to even consider her for the position. But the ancient housekeeper knows how to nudge the rude widower in the right direction.

Jess is determined to prove to the handsome widower that she is the perfect choice to nanny his daughter, no matter how much he scowls at her. Her tenacious determination to prove herself is a hurricane that disrupts Ben’s life, but it may also be the balm his broken heart needs.

As Jess gets closer to the widower, events that defy common sense begin happening around the estate. Unknown to her, it is the first anniversary of Roxanne’s death. This day brings three oddball sisters-in-law, including Roxanne’s identical twin Millicent, to the estate. They claim Roxanne isn’t dead after all. They intended to bring her home.

Find My Love is a complex paranormal romance where time might not be as linear as you think.

Worthy To Love - paranormal romance

Worthy To Love (Book 2)

She found her!

Roxanne wasn’t dead! But where she was, she could never come home from.

If only Jess could find a way to make Ben understand that his wife had made a new life for herself, had found love, and was happy. But how could she explain why Roxanne pushed the man she loved into the arms of another woman without hurting Ben all over again?

Only when two worlds came together, a fundamental truth was revealed—that Ben’s marriage to Roxanne had been based on a lie from the beginning. The revelation shook him to his core, so much so that he lost all faith in women – even Jess, who had effortlessly entered his home and his heart.

But Millicent, Ben’s wife’s twin, had a secret plan for Ben and his daughter.

Only one person stood in her way—Jess, the nanny.

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