A Remote Setting & a Ghost

A Remote Setting & a Ghost

Identical twin sisters’ love for the same man.
Book 1 – Find My Love
Cover - Roxanne's Ghost book 1 - Find My Love - A ghost story in a remote setting

A remote setting, unusual weather patterns, superstitions…

Ben needs help with his motherless autistic daughter, but little does he know the storm about to break over his head. He lists the position with an agency with one specification – only older women need apply. But when a nanny-candidate arrives for an interview, she is the exact kind of lady he didn’t want: young, attractive, available… It is Friday the 13th.

The attraction between them is immediate, and seems to be enhanced – as if they were being pushed into each other’s arms. Ben insists he isn’t ready for intimacy, whereas Jessica is looking for her Mr. Full Potential.

Ben’s three oddball sisters-in-law, including his late wife’s identical twin, Millicent, descend on him for the anniversary of his wife Roxanne’s death. From the beginning it is clear that they have a plan for his and his daughter’s future. They—especially the twin—aren’t happy to find a nanny already in attendance. They insist that Roxanne wasn’t dead, and that they intend bringing her home, with the help of dress-wearing Daemon, Millicent’s psychic friend.

Fireworks at Weltevreden, the remote setting of Ben’s home, is imminent – but only as far as Ethel, Ben’s old housekeeper will allow. What does the housekeeper know to keep Millicent’s ruffled feathers under control?

Most importantly…where is Roxanne?

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Find My Love will be released on July 31, and is available for pre-order.


Book 2 – Worthy To Love
Cover - Roxanne's Ghost book 2 - Worthy To Love - A ghost story in a remote setting

And then Jess figurs it out.

Ben is wrong and the odd-ball sisters-in-law, believe it or not, are right—Roxanne isn’t dead! But where she is, she can never come home from. She is as good as dead to Ben, because Roxanne can never be his wife again.

If only Jess can find a way to make him understand.

The little girl is in trouble. As Ben says: Autism is not a disease, it’s a condition, and symptoms can’t be turned on and off at will, yet his daughter only sometimes displays the symptoms leading to her diagnosis. So…what is with the child?

With Amber’s development regressing by the minute, Jess hopes that by taking the child away from her aunts’ influence and the remote setting of her home, the progress can be stopped, but she finds she can’t leave the house. She—and Amber—is trapped at Weltevreden at the mercy of the nasty sisters.

Is this what Ethel, the old housekeeper, meant on the day Jess arrived, that she’d never leave again?

Worthy To Love will be released on September 12.

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